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With a history dating back to 1867, McMillan are one of the oldest remaining coppersmiths in the world

About McMillan Coppersmith

McMillan (Coppersmiths & Fabricators) Ltd and its predecessor Archibald McMillan & Co Ltd have been a significant force in the domestic and worldwide supply of copper distilling equipment since the company was originally founded in 1867.

McMillan have a wide range of semi-automatic and manual welding equipment for welding stainless steel, copper and nickel alloys.

Our large manufacturing space currently houses 15 talented and skilled craftsmen. McMillan pride themselves on the traditional handcrafted production of copper stills.

Our manufacturing works contain all the tools to smith including two large hammers for forming and shaping copper.


Part of Briggs Group

McMillan joined the Briggs Group in April 2020. Briggs of Burton will continue to build on its reputation to supply its distilling customers with market leading process equipment and engineering services. McMillan with their Scottish manufacturing location and capability to design and build copper distillation equipment enhances Briggs of Burton's turnkey offering.