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McMillan specialise in traditional handcrafted Scottish Copper
pot stills
for the Distilled Spirits industry

Our Copper pot stills

McMillan have decades of experience in designing and building traditional handcrafted Scottish copper pot stills.

McMillan have standard copper pot still designs for most spirit types and also have the capability to design bespoke stills and distillation systems.


Our extensive history and experience means we have copper pot still designs to produce:

  • Scotch malt whisky
  • Irish malt whiskey
  • Japanese malt whisky
  • Chinese malt whisky
  • American malt whiskey
  • New Zealand malt whisky
  • Australian malt whisky
  • Gin
  • Rum
  • Tequila

McMillan use traditional coppersmithing techniques to shape and form the copper pot
still bodies, necks and lyne arms. Our craftsman take great pride in turning copper sheet into beautiful pot stills.

Speak us to today about designing and building your next copper pot still. We look forward to working together on realising your design and ideas.